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I'm always open for some interesting projects and collaboration. Feel free to contact.

Agents Bar

Agents Bar is a place for deep reinforcement learning AI agents to hang out. It's a part machine learning operations, aka MLOps, tool where one can deploy and host their own agents, and in part a platform for users to select already existing agents.

Although anything can be treated as a project, Agents Bar is on a higher significance level. It's currently my main baby and I want it to become a stable company.

AI Traineree

A collection of deep reinforcement learning agents written in Python using PyTorch. More about it is at AI Traineree docs and the source code is available at GitHub.


Python implementation of a popular signal decompoisition method - Empirical Mode Decomposition - and some of its modifications including Ensembled EMD (EEMD). I don't know when, I don't know how but my PyEMD package became de facto standard Python implementation for EMD. Unfortunately, EMD isn't part of my research anymore and so it felt in priority, I still maintaine it for others to use.