Worthy mentions

PyEMDPython implemention of the Empirical Mode Decomposition method.
AI TrainereeDeep Reinforcement Learning playground written in PyTorch.
CrackerDesktop GUI written in PyQT for the AWS Polly text-to-speech synthesizer.

Currently working on

Quantified self

Personal ProgressWebpage where users are asked broad questions to which they might have different answers over the years. The point is to see yourself evolve in time. Not only the World changes but we also interpret it differently.
ChronMeClassify titles of activities to determine what is your productivity. Intended to be open source for the RescueTime. Titles extracted from another open source project – the Activity Watch. Uses these logs to update the Exist portal which acts like a personal data aggregator and report dashboard.
PollytronAnother GUI for AWS Polly (TTS) but this time using Electron.

Past academic projects:

Mathematical modellingKurSL: a model of coupled oscillators based on Kuramoto’s coupling and Sturm-Liouville theoryThe PhD thesis. A work on a mathematical model that would be able to describe generic system containing coupled oscillators. The inspiration and the main application are the brain waves (EEG).
Mathematical modellingA mathematical framework for EMDEmpirical mode decomposition (EMD) although proven empirically to work as an excellent data-driven decomposition method, there are still many unknowns related to it. This project is about creating a mathematical framework for EMD inspired method and analysing its behaviour.
Brain-Computer InterfacesP300 paradigmP300 is a brain-computer interface (BCI) paradigm, which takes advantage of event-related potential P300 elicited an oddball paradigm. The project involved designing user interface for evoking brain responses, performing EEG signal analysis, feature extraction from data, statistical validation and performing an action. The interface was written in Python for the OpenBCI platform. The description on the project is in Bachelor thesis (in Polish only).
Brain-Computer InterfacesP300 + EyetrackerA combination of the P300 BCI paradigm and an eyetracker creating a hybrid brain-computer interface (hBCI). The Master thesis project. The idea was to progressively teach and accustom a patient with the neurological disease which eventually would lead to body paralyse, e.g. ALS. Patients would start using a computer with eyetracker and gradually switch to P300, which would learn their behaviours.
Assistive TechnologyEyetrackerHardware and software designing based on other open source.

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