About me


My brief resume / CV oriented towards industry (more software development).

Do not hesitate to contact me for collaboration or any questions.
Use email (contact@dawid.lasz.uk), LinkedIn/laszukdawid or maybe the Twitter (@DKretyn).


Trying to advance the World by providing access to deep reinforcement learning agents – Founder at the Agents Bar.

Geeky about data. Science gives me thrill for a living. Programming relaxes me. Accomplishment obtained through DIY. Entertained with philosophy.
Left the academia with PhD in Mathematics/Biomedical/DataProcessing hybrid and MSc/BSc in Physics. Then some software development here and there.

Things that make my day

Learning. Algorithms. Data processing. Mathematics. Cultures. Absurd jokes.

Research interests

Mutli-agent interactions. Data processing. Human augmentation. Cyborgs. Longevity.

Experience with

Software development. Brain-Computer interfaces. Bio-physiological signal.