About me


Geeky about data. Science gives me thrill for living. Programming relaxes me. Accomplishments through DIY. Entertained with philosophy.
Just left academia with PhD in Cybernetics (soon to be official) and MSc/BSc in Physics. Currently full time Software Developer for multi-face eCommerce giant.
Dawid Laszuk is pronounced in Polish way.

Things that make my day:

  • Algorithms
  • Computers
  • Data
  • Learning
  • Mathematics
  • Order
  • Programming
  • Cultures
  • Weird jokes


Do not hesitate to contact me for collaboration or any questions.
My email is on gmail (laszukdawid@…) or find my on any FB/LinkedIn/ResearchGate social media.

Research interests

Hit me with anything that involves data manipulation. Sources are not essential, but my main expertise is in biophysical signals, e.g. EEG or ECG.
I would like to get my hands on augmentation and integration organic matter with electronic components. Neuro-toys, prosthetic, cyborgs… let’s try anything!

Teaching experience

  • Brain Computer Interface – Presenting recent developments in BCIs and helping students to create their own BCI for Emotiv Epoc device. Course dedicated to graduate (master level) students.
  • CUDA programming on GPU – Usage of GPU and programming them with CUDA language. Course dedicated to graduate (master level) students.
  • Python programming – Algorithmic thinking and basic programming skills in Python as main language. Course dedicated for future A-level preparing teachers.
  • EEG laboratory – Laboratory demonstrating different techniques of analysing EEG signals. During my MSc studies I was teaching assistant in course for undergraduate students.
  • Laboratory demonstrator – every week few hours of demonstrating various laboratories on signal processing, computer’s structure and basic electronics. Undergraduate level.