About me


Young academic converted to privately pursuit scientific journey. Soon a PhD, currently MSc/BSc in Physics. My name is in the URL.

These are the things I like:

  • Algorithms
  • Computers
  • Data
  • Learning
  • Mathematics
  • Order
  • Programming


Do not hesitate to contact me for collaboration or any questions.
My email is on gmail (laszukdawid@…) or find my on any FB/LinkedIn/ResearchGate social media.

Research interests

Hit me with anything that involves data manipulation. Sources are not essential, but my main expertise is in biophysical signals, e.g. EEG or ECG.
I would like to get my hands on augmentation and integration organic matter with electronic components. Neuro-toys, prosthetic, cyborgs… let’s try anything!

Teaching experience

  • Brain Computer Interface – Presenting recent developments in BCIs and helping students to create their own BCI for Emotiv Epoc device. Course dedicated to graduate (master level) students.
  • CUDA programming on GPU – Usage of GPU and programming them with CUDA language. Course dedicated to graduate (master level) students.
  • Python programming – Algorithmic thinking and basic programming skills in Python as main language. Course dedicated for future A-level preparing teachers.
  • EEG laboratory – Laboratory demonstrating different techniques of analysing EEG signals. During my MSc studies I was teaching assistant in course for undergraduate students.
  • Laboratory demonstrator – every week few hours of demonstrating various laboratories on signal processing, computer’s structure and basic electronics. Undergraduate level.