Here are some codes that I thought are worth sharing. Feel free to contact me with any questions, modification requests or just mention that you’re using them.

All projects should be available on my GitHub –

Empirical mode decomposition

Time-Frequency representations

Optimisation techniques

  • PSO is a Particle Swarm Optimisation method [Python].
  • Bayes-Kuramoto is Bayesian inference based optimisation for dynamic phases such as Kuramoto system [Python].

Dynamical systems

  • Kuramoto is a model describing a set of interacting oscillators.

2 thoughts on “Codes

  1. sir i want to install PyEMD in raspberry pi when i create venv than i am trying to install pip install EMD-signal it give me error of failed to build numpy

    • Please refer to PyEMD on its github page, i.e. . I’ll delete this comment shortly and will disable commenting on non-post pages.

      Regarding the issue, it’s a rasberry pi specific issue and I don’t know how to solve it. Please ask this question on rasberry pi specific forum and ask for installing numpy. Remember to provide error message as otherwise it’s extremely difficult to provide any help.

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