Agents Bar is in public beta

Dawid Laszuk published on
2 min, 203 words

It’s a huge pleasure to announce, yet it is rather scary. As in title – Agents Bar is now in public beta. Go ahead, sign up, sign in and try it. I’d love to hear what you think.

Why beta?

It just doesn’t feel like a full release. There are only 4 agents with limited documentation. The monitoring isn’t propagated to users, they don’t have access to snapshots… Many features are simply turned off to make sure that we aren’t abused or they don’t make sense without that other feature. However, basic functionality is there, so why not just share it?

What’s now?

We continue. In the roadmap we have adding custom DRL agents, keeping selected version, uploading environments, creating League feature and so much more. But, obviously, there needs to be priority in all of that. We’ll be reaching out to potentially interested parties asking trying to get some feedback. We’re currently thinking about reaching out to universities and researchers to learn how we could help them.

If you are, or you know anyone who is interested do let me know. I’m open for any feedback. I’d love to know how we can make a product that would benefit you.