AI Traineree - PyTorch Deep Reinforcement Learning lib

Dawid Laszuk published on
2 min, 264 words

tl;dr: AiTraineree is a new Deep Reinforcment Learning lib based on PyTorch.

A few months ago by some coincidences at work and some news from newsletters I discovered the world of the Deep Reinforcement Learning. Until now it was "one of those" but on a closer inspection... I couldn't get my eyes off. Something happened and then it clicked. I've started playing around with some gyms from the OpenAI and did a nanodegree course on Udacity, and the feeling grew. So, let me share the feeling.

I've started a yet-another Python lib to play around with the Deep Reinforcement Learning. It already has some more popular agents (DQN, PPO, DDPG, MADDPG) and is easy to use with the OpenAI gyms. The intention for the lib is to have a bigger zoo of agents, compatible with more environments and have tools for better developing/debugging. Although it is a work-in-progress project it is already usable. What distinguishes this from many is unification of types and making sure that all components can play nicely with each other. The lib is also based on the PyTorch which I've seen many smaller projects with DRL but they usually contain a single agent with a specific environment.

Let me know if you want anything specific in the lib. In a couple of weeks I'm planning to have significant contribution to the lib.