Exist - the personal dashboard

Dawid Laszuk published on
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Let me share with you the thing I found on the internet. That thing is called Exist.io. They aren't paying me for this ad but I'm still going to do it as it reignited my push for the quantified self.

The premise is simple. The Exist.io asks for your permissions to certain services and on your behalf collects, aggregates and presents these as nice graphs. It's a personal dashboard with metrics making it easier to observe progress. They also provide means for adding metrics such as mood scale and, a very limited, tagging system but based on the transparent roadmap that might change one day.

Yes. the privacy issue is huge, so you simply have to trust them that they won't abuse permissions. However, based on their privacy policy and business model (monthly subscription), I'm less concerned about them than probably most other services. Besides, not knowing where exactly these things go or how they are protected I'm not going to give them access to sensitive data such as email or location. Feel free to steal my sleep time, coffee intake or steps count (might even publish these one day).

The dashboard works for me. It doesn't give many meaningful insights but I like that everything is in a single place and I can export from there to my personal storage. I can also tell what is missing and how I'd like to collect the other information. It made me even start working on my personal tools for collecting productivity time and forecasting mood changes and "life cycles". It's a great source of personal multivariate time series (clickbait) understanding of which will literally change your life.

Overall, big thumbs up. If you like to know more about yourself, especially to have solid numbers in a single place go for it. And, if you think about yourself in number, let me know. I'm planning to work on a few projects that would like to release to broader an audience in the "near" future.

Referral link that gives me $2: exist.io