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Dawid Laszuk published on
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This blog needs some lightening up and what a better way to do that than post some graphs? Exactly! I like to collect data on various things and then make a  graph of them. Things are much better when presented with axis and some number around it.

Not so long time ago I had birthday. Although it happens rather regularly, the last one was special. For the first time I've enabled notification on Facebook. It appears that people (a.k.a. friends) are rather nice and are willing to write something positive about you on that day. Here is to memory of that special day!

Summary: I've scraped Facebook's posts and messages which were within 48 h from the Birthday 00:01 AM. Sent times are aggregated on the graph and text content is summarised in word stats.


14370006_1195945397123883_1230729249931003949_nGreen graph displays wishes density as a function of time obtained using Gaussian Kernel Distribution Estimation. Blue dots show cumulative wish count. Both are normalised to highest value being 1. Statistically speaking, green and blue shows (up to constants) probability density function and cumulative density function respectively.

What is nice about this graph is that it generally shows at what time of the day my peers are active. It seems that majority is active in the morning 10-11 am and after 8 pm, which is reassuring that they are very normal average people.

Additional insight gives extracted content. Although there's not enough data, I think it nicely hints on my background. I'll leave interpretation, but will also point up that the percentage of wish to total falls closely to the ratio of people who read posts, i.e. 12 - 16 % (even though this is not related as birthday notification goes to everyone).

Wishes: Happy Birthday: 34 (38.20%) Wszystkiego najlepszego/All the best: 11 (12.36%) (tylko) Najlepszego/(only) The best: 10 (11.24%) Sto lat/100+ years: 16 (17.98%)

Emoji/Emoticons: Smileys: 25 (28.09%) Kisses: 13 (14.61%) Hearths: 3 (3.37%)

Reference: Dawid: 20 (22.47%) You: 17 (19.1%) Boy: 2 (2.23%)

Total number of exclamation mark (!): !: 82 !!: 11 !!!: 4 !!!!: 2 !!!!!: 1