Take it easy

Dawid Laszuk published on
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tl;dr: I'm going less quality, more quantity.

I like to write. I write lots, but usually don't publish it. Whenever I think about something and write it down, I then rethink what I thought and want to rewrite what I wrote. It takes me ages to write something very precise and something that I wouldn't be immediately ashamed of. This blog was meant to be the place for that content, for things I wouldn't quickly regret. And, although, I'm rather OK with the content, I'm deeply disappointed with the frequency. Thus: change.

This blog initially was meant to be my academical window. Something that when people look me up (for whatever reason), they'd see something over which I would have control. However, my view on World has yet again changed. Despite my passion for research and likeness for academia free-thinking diverse environment, I've decided to leave it. There is so much great research being done in industry and private sector that I think I'm shooting myself in foot by sticking only to that audience.

Plan for this blog is changing to present cool things that happen and fun stuff I'm working on. I enjoy working and I like to write. If the content is not up to standard quality, shame. But not having a content at all is just disgraceful. How can I show people what I'm working on, if I don't show them anything at all.

In Python's mantra: It's easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission.